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Ald. Paul Skidmore Seeks Election (Reelection?)

Updated: Jan 16

Paul Skidmore, the former alder for the9th District of the City of Madison, has announced his bid for election to the Madison Common Council. Skidmore was first elected in April 2001 and served 20 consecutive years.

“The role of an alder is to represent their constituent’s interests, help solve their problems, answer their questions, and advocate for them at City Hall. I have been an effective advocate for them over the 20 years as alder, and I have enjoyed my service to them.”

“Without a doubt, public safety is still Job #1,” Skidmore said. “Everyone deserves a safe neighborhood to live in. Everyone deserves safe streets, parks, libraries, and schools. Everyone suffers — black and white, rich and poor — if our neighborhoods are not safe. Downtown Madison is still suffering, there are still shots fired, robberies, and violence throughout the district and City, cars are being stolen cars are rolling our streets, and many residents are afraid. It is time to work together to protect our neighborhoods.”

Skidmore believes that his outspoken support for public safety has attracted political opponents. He believes that he has been unfairly criticized on social and print media by his detractors who have claimed that he is racist and misogynist. He also believes that he and other alders have been targeted because of their support for public safety and the Madison Police Department.

Paul Skidmore has lived with his wife in the Tamarack neighborhood for the past 20 years. He has been a resident of the 9th District for 25 years and a Madison resident since 1983. Skidmore is a licensed, practicing landscape architect and active in a number of community organizations, including the Madison Area Jail Ministry and Mount Olive Lutheran Church.

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