Message from the Madison City Clerk's Office RE: Polling Places

The finalized polling locations for the April 6 election are listed in the

attached document. Many polling locations have changed because previous

polling locations were no longer able to host us during the pandemic. For

example, anyone who has been voting in a MMSD elementary school or middle

school will have a different polling location this April.

All registered voters in the wards with polling location changes are

receiving a postcard notice from the Clerk's Office, as usual. We will also

continue our usual practice of posting signage at previous polling locations

on Election Day for voters who go to their typical polling location out of


Voters may verify their polling location at or Throughout the pandemic, we have

encouraged voters to verify their polling place before heading to the polls

on Election Day because COVID has made it so difficult to obtain polling

location hosts.

As we mention on the postcards we are sending registered voters, Union Cab

offers free rides from a voter's home to their polling place on Election

Day, and then back home.

We will continue the same pandemic precautions we have used at the polls

throughout the pandemic: Plexiglas screens, social distancing, masks

required for poll workers and observers, hand sanitizer availability, voters

may use their own blue or black ballpoint pens, and poll workers will

continuously disinfect high-touch surfaces.

April 2021 Polling Places Numerical with
Download • 120KB

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